Pulmonary Vascular Disease: Lung Biopsy Studies

  • Marlene Rabinovitch
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In our previous studies of lung biopsy tissue from patients with congenital heart defects, we have correlated pulmonary vascular changes assessed morphometrically with the pre- and postoperative hemodynamic behavior of the pulmonary circulation. Our current studies, using scanning and transmission electron microscopy and immunocytochemistry, are identifying structural and functional abnormalities in pulmonary vascular endothelium. Our findings have given us clues to the mechanism of heightened pulmonary vascular reactivity and progressive pulmonary vascular disease. In an “in vitro” model of pulmonary vascular disease, we are using these clues to look more directly at the effects of high flow and pressure in altering endothelial and smooth muscle structure, function, and interaction.


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