Mediterranean Seafloor Features: Overview and Assessment

  • Jean-René Vanney
  • Maurice Gennesseaux


This paper focuses on Mediterranean seafloor features in view of refining interpretations of the seabed that formed in an interplate-intercontinental system. This survey takes into account maps prepared for the International Bathymetric Chart of the Mediterranean (IBCM) and other recent investigations using various technologies (conventional and multi-narrow beam bathymetry, sonograph, seismic, side-scan sonar, and dive surveys). The study assesses the geomorphology in light of plate tectonic considerations developed during the past 15 years. Mediterranean features result essentially from (1) the long-term succession of tectonic displacement induced by continuous motion of Africa towards Europe, and (2) progressive closure of the sea involving a series of submarine-insular sills that played a significant role during the Messinian salinity crisis, climatic-eustatic changes, and erosional events.


Nile Delta Abyssal Plain Salt Diapirism Basin Floor Continental Rise 
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