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Before the 1950s the consequences of phenylketonuria (PKU) for the child were quite disastrous. Untreated PKU causes mental retardation; some 96% of patients have IQs below 60 (Baumeister, 1967; Knox, 1960). Surveys of the inmates of institutions suggested that 1 in 100 patients had PKU (Langdell, 1965). In addition to mental retardation, the patient with PKU may suffer from seizures and other neurological abnormalities (Allen & Gibson, 1961; Kang, Kennedy, Gates, Burwash, & McKinnon, 1965). Perceptual motor difficulties (Hackney, Hanley, Davidson, & Lindsao, 1968) and autistic behavior (Lowe, Tanaka, Seashore, Young, & Cohen, 1980) have also been reported.


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