Response Strategies and Adaptive Measures to Potential Sea-Level Rise in The Gambia

  • Bubu P. Jallow


The Gambian coastal zone has 70 km of open ocean coast and about 200 km of sheltered coast dominated by extensive mangrove systems and mud flats. About 20 km of the coastline is developed. Other areas are largely underdeveloped, except for fish landing sites and cold storage infrastructure for processing and storing fish and shrimp. Socioeconomic, land-use change, and ecological data were used to determine the nation’s vulnerability in economic terms to a rise in sea level at a coastline area. Banjul (the capital city) is expected to be overtaken by the sea, displacing about 42,000 inhabitants. Land loss translates to US$217 million, not including loss of infrastructure. The effects of sea-level rise on the nation’s coastal zones are examined and adaptive measures are suggested that can be taken now and in the future to protect resources essential to the economy.


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  • Bubu P. Jallow
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  1. 1.Department of Water ResourcesBanjulThe Gambia

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