Resistance and Magnetoresistance in Dilute Magnetic Systems

  • J. Souletie


Within the framework of the Hartree—Fock theory of dilute alloys developed by Friedel and Blandin1 a different phase shift \(\left( {\mathop \eta \nolimits_l^ \uparrow \ne \mathop \eta \nolimits_l^ \downarrow } \right)\) is assumed for electrons parallel (↑) or antiparallel (↓) to OZ, the spin axis:
$$\mathop \rho \nolimits^{ \uparrow \left( \downarrow \right)} = \left( {4\pi c/k_F p} \right)\sum\limits_l {\left( {l + 1} \right)} \text{sin}^2 \left( {\mathop \eta \nolimits_l^{ \uparrow \left( \downarrow \right)} - \,\mathop \eta \nolimits_{l + 1}^{ \uparrow \left( \downarrow \right)} } \right)$$
We use atomic units e = h = m = 1; p is the number of electrons per atom of the matrix; c is the concentration; 4πc/k F p is 0.38 n Ω-cm × c (ppm) for a Cu matrix and 0.43 nΩ-cm × c (ppm) for a Au or a Ag matrix.


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  1. 1.Centre de Recheches sur les Très Basses TempératuresCNRSGrenoble-CedexFrance

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