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ICRF 159 and Other Bisdioxopiperazines

  • K. Hellmann


ICRF 159 ( (±)1,2-bis(.3, 5-dioxopiperazin-l-yl)propane) and a number of other bisdioxopiperazines are potent aptimetastatic compounds which inhibit the development of metastases from primary implants of the syngeneic Lewis lung carcinoma (3LL) in C57 BL mice (Hellmann & Burrage 1969; Salsbury, Burrage and Hellmann 1970). This effect is produced without evident influence on the growth rate of the primary tumour and thereby shows that it is possible to delete selectively one malignant characteristic of a tumour without influencing another. While this antimetastatic effect is not apparently unique amongst anticancer agents it seems to be the exception.


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