Monoclonal immunoglobulins synthesized by myelomas (plasmo cytomas, immunocytomas) are a valuable asset in the study of structure, synthesis and physiological properties of the immuno globulins. This type of tumour is wellknown in man. In animals, it has been described in mice (Dunn, 1954), dogs (Groulade, Morel, Creyssel & Groulade, 1959), hamsters (Mohr & Dontenwill, 1964), horses (Dorrington & Rockey, 1968) and cats (Kehoe, Hurvitz & Capra, 1972). But the very low spontaneous incidence of this type of tumour in animals has not provided a great variety of different monoclonal immunoglobulins. Moreover, in most of these species, tumourtransplantation is not possible for lack of inbred strains and therefore, the quantity of myeloma proteins available is generally restricted.


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