Materials management and electronic data processing (EDP)

  • G. K. Beekman-Love
  • L. Nieger
Part of the Series on applied business logistics book series (SABL, volume 1)


In Chapter 1, it is argued that the internal components of a company (objectives, elements, structure and technology) are interdependent and changes to one can affect and influence the others. Also covered in Chapter 1 is the possibility of viewing an organization as a collection of aspects. Of these aspects, the social aspect and the effect of organizational changes have been considered in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 is designed to give attention to yet another aspect, that of information. Briefly stated, as an organization undergoes continuous change, a well-used information system undergoes continuous development in terms of:
  • - further development (expansion);

  • - further integration;

  • - upgrading and maintenance;

  • - adjustments to new requirements;

  • - conversion to new hardware.


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  • L. Nieger

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