Clinical Experience with the U.I. Octoson: The Role of the Sonographer with Automated Ultrasonic Systems

  • Sandra L. Hagen-Ansert


The U. I. Octoson was developed by Kossoff and his colleagues in Australia as the first automated system with eight transducers mounted completely in a water bath. Transducer movement is controlled from a streamlined panel. This panel allows the operator to control the angle of sweep., the scan center angulation, the increment movement of the transducers. It can perform transverse, longitudinal or oblique scans with or without angulation. The transducer arm may be moved closer or farther from the patient’s skin surface to control the quality of penetration. It has the capability of utilizing all eight transducers or a single transducer, or a combination of transducers. It also has manual capabilities if the area of interest needs to be specifically outlined. The manual control may also be used with the M-mode sweep to further outline motion (i.e., fetal heart, pulsatile aortic movement, or delineation of cardiac structures).


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