Treatment of Primary Neoplasms of Lymphoid Tissues

  • Saul A. Rosenberg
Part of the Comprehensive Immunology book series (COMIMUN, volume 4)


A discussion of the management of adult patients with primary neoplasms of lymphoid tissues cannot be separated from a recognition of problems and controversies in nomenclature and classification. Clinicians are faced with the challenge of understanding and judging numerous histopathological proposals and new immunological and lymphoid physiological concepts at the same time as rapidly changing diagnostic and therapeutic programs are being developed and proposed. The experienced clinician is constantly aware, by observing patients with these diseases, that current and proposed understanding of the nature of lymphoid neoplasms is still imprecise and inadequate. Yet, despite the apparent confusion and complexity of this field to the student or the inexperienced, the situation is improving. Advances are being made in predicting clinical behavior and treatment responses based on good clinicopathological correlative studies and insights. As a result, the management of patients with neoplasms of lymphoid tissues is among the most rewarding and satisfying in the difficult area of clinical oncology.


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