α–Chain Disease: A Possible Model for the Pathogenesis of Human Lymphomas

  • Maxime Seligmann
  • Jean-Claude Rambaud
Part of the Comprehensive Immunology book series (COMIMUN, volume 4)


α–Chain disease (α–CD) is a proliferative disorder of B lymphoid cells involving primarily the IgA secretory system, in which plasma cells produce a presumably homogeneous population of immunoglobulin (Ig) molecules consisting of incomplete α chains devoid of light (L) chains. Since the first description of this new Ig abnormality (Seligmann et al, 1968) in a young Syrian patient affected with malabsorption and diffuse plasmacytic infiltration of the small intestine (Rambaud et al. 1968), more than 150 cases have been recognized to our knowledge. Thus, α–CD appears to be by far the most frequent of the heavy (H)–chain diseases.


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