Strain Differences III: Alcohol, Opiates, and Barbiturates



This chapter is concerned in part with a review of work on alcohol, especially strain differences in alcohol preference and related phenotypes. In contrast with most of the other drugs reviewed, this area of endeavor, perhaps because of its putative relevance to human problems concerned with drug dependence, especially that of alcoholism, has been the subject of review not once but many times. In particular, attention is drawn to that contained in the book by Wallgren and Barry (1970), which ably serves as the definitive review to that date, as well as citing others of considerable value but of earlier date, including those of Rodgers (1966, 1967; Rodgers and McClearn, 1962a), Lester (1966), and Schlesinger (1966), all of which deal with some aspect of hereditary determination. Since then there have been further reviews of the area in a similar vein, including those of Lester and Freed (1972), McClearn (1972a,b), Rodgers (1972a,b), and Whitney et al. (1970), so that it seems unnecessary to add yet another to the excellent material already available. Instead we will confine ourselves to summarizing the general tenor of the findings and conclusions drawn by others and concentrate thereafter on recent work not reviewed so far elsewhere.


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