Diagnosis and Treatment of Coital Discomfort

  • A. R. Abarbanel
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Frequently, women who experience painful intercourse will seek out sex therapy. These women may be self-referred or referred by a physician after a medical examination failed to disclose a physical basis for the complaint.

In this chapter, Abarbanel outlines the possible etiological factors that can account for coital discomfort. He also includes a guide for history taking that enables the physician or clinician to gather the relevant information that is necessary for accurate diagnosis and successful treatment. A description of the steps involved in the medical evaluation of problems of coital discomfort as well as treatment approaches is included.

Although this article covers some purely medical procedures, it is of interest and value to the psychotherapist as well. Often, a clinician must assess the need for a medical consultation on a patient requesting sex therapy. Abarbanel’s chapter is useful as a guide in making this assessment.


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