Chemotherapy of Disseminated Soft Tissue Sarcomas

  • Laurence H. Baker
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In 1972, adriamycin was introduced into clinical trial and quickly became identified as the single most important drug for the management of disseminated sarcomas. Previously, there were scattered reports in the literature indicating that different sarcomas were responsive to chemotherapeutic drugs, principally cyclophosphamide, actinomycin, and vincristine. Relatively few of these series had sufficient numbers of patients treated in a similar therapeutic regime however. Review of this early data suggests that metastatic sarcomas rarely responded 20% of the time or more. Most of those remissions were quite incomplete and short lasting and thus, of relatively little clinical benefit to the patient. Table 1 [1–6] summarizes major experiences with adriamycin as a single therapy.This data suggests that adriamycin as a single agent produces response rates of approximately 25%. The second drug whose investigation actually predated the investigation of adriamycin reported by Gottlieb et al. was DTIC (Dimethyl Trianzeno Immidazole Carboxamide). In Gottlieb’s phase II trial 17% of 53 patients treated had responded to the DTIC [7, 8].


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