The Potential Role of Surgery in the Contemporary Combined Modality Management of Small Cell Anaplastic Lung Cancer

  • Robert L. Comis
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Prior to the development of a variety of moderately effective chemotherapeutic agents the only modalities available for the treatment of small cell anaplastic lung cancer (SCALC) were the local modalities of surgery and radiotherapy. Trials performed with local modalities as the sole method of therapy were instrumental in establishing the virulent nature of this disease and its propensity for early dissemination. The 3–5-year survival rates observed in patients treated with surgery or radiotherapy alone ranged from zero to a maximum of 5% for patients with disease apparently limited to one hemithorax [1–5]. The lack of an association between the clinical stage of intrathoracic disease and survival led to an abandonment of the TNM staging system for SCALC [5]. Subsequently, the Veterans Administration Lung Cancer Study Group (VALSG) established a functional staging system which grouped patients into limited disease (confined to one hemithorax and/or the ipsilateral supraclavicular node) and extensive disease (outside the confines of limited disease) categories. The median survival times for placebo treated limited and extensive disease patients were 3 months and 6 weeks, respectively [6, 7].


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