Fibrin Formation: Implications for Tumor Growth and Metastasis

  • Harold F. Dvorak
  • Donald R. Senger
  • Ann M. Dvorak
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 22)


Whether undertaken by pathologists, immunologist, or biochemists, studies of tumor biology have traditionally concentrated on the malignant cells themselves, their abnormal morphology, their altered metabolism and more recently, their panoply of surface antigens. Yet, tumors are comprised not only of malignant cells but also of stroma. In the case of many solid tumors stroma may actually comprise the bulk of the mass perceived as tumor with the naked eye. In any event, tumors are dependent on stroma for nutrient supply and removal of metabolic wastes. Tumor stroma is not a homogeneous entity but rather consists of several connective tissue elements including collagen of several types, elastin, fibronectin, glycosaminoglycans, interstitial fluid, new blood vessels and, as we shall discuss in this chapter, fibrin.


Tissue Factor Tumor Vesicle Fibrin Deposit Fibrous Connective Tissue Procoagulant Activity 
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