Rationale for Anticoagulant Treatment of Cancer

  • Leo R. Zacharski
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 22)


Strategies for therapeutic research in cancer are shaped by our current knowledge of tumor biology. This knowledge has led to understanding the importance of treating tumors early or when still localized, for example by surgical excision or radiotherapy, and of interrupting cell proliferation in more advanced tumors, for example by means of chemotherapeutic agents (1). By contrast, one property of neoplasia, namely the capacity for metastasis, has proven to be an elusive target of interventional therapy. Apparently the metastatic process depends upon the survival of specialized subpopulations of cells that possess specific properties that enable them to separate from the parent tumor, migrate through vascular channels to distant sites, attach to vessel walls, and then extravasate and proliferate (2). The resistance of the metastatic process to treatment suggests that properties other than proliferative potential are involved. These properties will require innovative therapeutic approaches.


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