Mitogenic Stimulation of Tumor Cells by Platelet Derived Growth Factors

  • Allan Lipton
  • Cheryl Cano
  • Kim Leitzel
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 22)


There is evidence that platelets are involved in the hematogenous spread of malignant tumors. Certain tumor cells aggregate platelet in vitro (1–4) and an intimate relationship between platelets and tumor cells is further suggested by ultrastructural studies in vivo which show arrested tumor emboli surrounded by platelets (5–8). Certain tumor lines also induce thrombocytopenia in vivo (1,5,9). The reasons for this close platelet-tumor cell relationship are speculative at present. Possibilities include: 1) protection by platelets of the tumor cell against immune destruction, 2) enhanced tumor cell transit of the vascular endothelium via platelet adherence or 3) tumor cell survival and multiplication due to release of platelet mitogenic factors.


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