Heterogenous Mechanisms of Tumor Cell-Induced Platelet Aggregation with Possible Pharmacologic Strategy toward Prevention of Metastases

  • Simon Karpatkin
  • Edward Pearlstein
Part of the Developments in Oncology book series (DION, volume 22)


Recent reports from several laboratories have emphasized the role of platelets in the development of certain tumor metastases (for review see 1). Platelets interact with certain tumor emboli, and in so doing, appear to enhance their survival in vivo. Both platelets as well as tumor cells adhere to subendothelial basement membrane. Platelets secrete permeability factors (2, 3) as well as tumor cell growth factors (4–7), which theoretically should assist in tumor cell penetration of the vessel wall and development of extravascular secondary tumor colonies.


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  • Edward Pearlstein

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