Advances in the management of paranasal sinus tumors

  • Michael E. Johns
  • Michael J. Kaplan
Part of the Cancer Treatment and Research book series (CTAR, volume 22)


Cancer of the paranasal sinuses is rare, but because of a historically dismal prognosis and morbidity, these tumors deserve great attention. Advances necessary to improve the management of these tumors include: earlier diagnosis, better local control, and the development of new and better therapeutic modalities. Unfortunately, the natural history of the more common malignant tumors in this anatomic area confound these goals. Diagnosis is frequently delayed because early symptoms are lacking, misleading or ignored. When symptoms do occur, they frequently mimic benign disease such as allergy or a ‘persistent cold’. Although locally advanced, cervical or distant metastatic spread is present at the time of diagnosis in only 5–15% of cases. Thus, local control is a realistic goal Limiting factors, however, include extension of tumor to vital structures at the cribriform plate, ptery-gomaxillary space, orbital apex, sphenoid, and nasopharynx. The major challenge to the head and neck surgeon is to improve the chances of cure and yet provide functional and cosmetic reconstruction. This chapter will review the current status and recent advances in the recognition and delineation of disease extent, surgical techniques used to achieve local control and rehabilitation, and investigational therapy.


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