Ternary Alloys of Titanium with Simple Metals and Transition Metals (Except Niobium)

  • E. W. Collings


Alloys considered in this chapter include pseudo-binary research alloys based on Ti-Zr50, a metal “like” Ti or Zr, but one whose transition temperature of 1.6 K is more easily accessible than that of either of the pure elements Ti (TC = 0.36 ± 0.03 K, Table 2–3) or Zr (TC = 0.6 ∿ 0.7 K). Also included are those alloys based on Ti-V and Ti-Ta which have been regarded as competitors to Ti-Nb as current-carrying high-field (hard) superconductors, and in connection with which the influences of simple-metal and interstitial-element additions on flux pinning have been investigated. Developments in the latter direction culminated in French Patent No. 1,517,216 [Ass68a] which laid claim to the above-mentioned Ti-(group V)TM alloys doped with one or all of the so-called “interstitial elements” C, N, and 0.


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