Ocean-Bottom Seismographs

  • R. B. Whitmarsh
  • R. C. Lilwall
Part of the Nato Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 8)


This paper describes both examples of data obtained with ocean- bottom seismographs and the different sorts of instrument which record such data. The data include recordings of controlled sources (explosions and airguns) and of earthquakes. Instruments which cannot be used in typically oceanic depths are not discussed. Reviews of some early OBS have been written by Ewing and Ewing and by Bradner2. In this paper the widely-used acronym OBS stands for all sorts of ocean-bottom seismic sensors whether or not they include seismometers (geophones) or record on the sea-bed. Like many research instruments, OBS are continually being improved and modified and the descriptions provided here, based on the most recent publications, may not correspond exactly to the present configuration of each instrument.


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