Multipoles and Surmacs II: Engineering

  • F. F. Chen


Though the engineering of multipoles is in many ways simpler than for toruses with strong toroidal and poloidal fields, the feasibility of multiple floating rings in a reactor environment is of great concern, since it has never been demonstrated even in theory. Recent work by the group at TRW, Inc. and the groups led by R. W. Conn at Wisconsin and UCLA has greatly expanded our data base on the engineering aspects of multipoles. These studies are by no means commensurate with the studies of the physics problems, which have a long history. Nonetheless, there is much more known than can be covered here. The brevity of Part II is due partly to the nature of the calculational results, which are hard to condense, and partly to the necessity to design for specific devices, a process whose results may not be of general or timeless value. A summary of these results already exists1.


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