Quantitative Schlieren Measurements of Boundary Layer Phenomena

  • B. Hannah


A technique has been developed to allow quantitative measurement of flow—field density from a conventional schlieren system image. The original technique was limited to density determination outside the image diffraction regions adjacent to model surfaces. This limitation negated the use of the technique in boundary—layer flow regions. Refinements, herein reported, now allow measurements to be made within the boundary—layer regions. The present method has been successfully applied to a variety of two—dimensional and axisymmetric flow fields.


Combustion Convection Mercury Refraction Photography 

Mesure Quantitative des Phenomenes de la Couche-Limite par Strioscopie

Quantitative Schlieren Messungen an Grenzschichtstroemungen


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  1. 1.Applied Aerodynamics DivisionNaval Ordnance LaboratorySilver SpringUSA

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