Pockels Cell Shutter Operating in the 100 Picosecond Range — Applications to Ultra High Speed Interferometry

  • M. Blanchet
  • J. P. Gex


The object of the first part of the statement is the study and the description of a 20 } 20 mm section transversal field shutter realized as a line transmission structure, acting as a roller—blind shutter acting within the limits of a subnanosecond.

It is constituted by two appropriately cut, deuterized KDP electro–optical crystals, situated on either side of a birefringent plate having its neutral lines at a 45° angle to their optical axis, placed within a portion of the dual plate transmission line.

A resolution above 20 pairs of lines per millimetre, as well as a Transmission/Extinction ratio greater than 100 over all the optical section are obtained for a 250 picoseconds dynamic fonctionning. The second part of the statement deals with the application of this shutter to photography and hyper—rapid interferometry of plasmas created by lasers.


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Obturateur Electro-Optique a Effet Pockels Fonctionnant en Une Centaine de Picosecondes. Performances — Application a de l’Interferometrie Hyper Rapide

Pockelszellenverschluss im 100-ps-Bereich — Anwendung in der Ultra-Hochgeschwindigkeitsinterferometrie


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  • J. P. Gex
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  1. 1.Laboratoire Central de L’ArmementFrance
  2. 2.Commissariat à l’Energie AtomiqueFrance

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