Selection of a Candidate by Means of the Adequacy Coefficient

  • Jaime Gil-Aluja
Part of the Applied Optimization book series (APOP, volume 11)


Up to now we have used the notion of distance as an operator that permits selection of a candidate. Underlying in this scheme is the principal according to which: «it is just as bad no to reach the degree of qualification required, as to exceed the same». However, it is frequently the case in which it is only necessary to penalise when not reaching the required level, without giving any award in the case where the candidate possesses one or several abilities at a higher level.


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  • Jaime Gil-Aluja
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  1. 1.Departament d’Economia i Organització d’EmpresesFacultat de Ciències Economiques i Empresarials de la Universität de BarcelonaBarcelonaSpain

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