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Transitions in the Nervous System during Amphibian Metamorphosis

  • Jerry J. Kollros


The tadpole as a whole can be considered to be an aggregate of mosaic territories, each responding in a distinctive way to the increased titers of thyroid hormones (TH) responsible for progressive metamorphic changes. Similarly, the separate elements of the nervous system can be considered, at least as a first approximation, to be composed of a series of mosaic territories. They differ as to the stages when they are first morphologically distinguishable, when they first acquire capacity to respond to TH, in the rates of increase in such sensitivity, i.e., in reduction of threshold concentrations required to elicit detectable change, and in the rates of response to given concentrations. They probably also differ with respect to the hormone concentrations required to elicit maximal rates of tissue response. Some elements of the nervous system grow and differentiate; others shrink, die, and disappear. The extent to which there may be elements of the nervous system that are unresponsive to TH remains largely to be established.


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