Precise Predictions of GUTs and of the Higgs Meson Mass

  • K. T. Mahanthappa
  • Marc A. Sher
Part of the Ettore Majorana International Science Series book series (EMISS, volume 7)


At this meeting, we will hear a great deal about various grand unified theories (GUTs). We would, of course, eventually like to know which, if any, of these GUTs provides an accurate description of nature. While certain experimental results, such as neutrino oscillations, could eliminate some GUTs, distinguishing between them all necessitates precise theoretical predictions of certain quantities and precise experimental determination of these quantities. This is somewhat difficult since the symmetry of GUTs is, in most cases, only manifest at momentum transfers above 1014GeV (note that colliding e+e rings with such energies would have a radius slightly larger than that of the observed universe, although by the time they are built, the universe may have expanded sufficiently). Predictions can be made1, however, using the renormalization group equations to extrapolate the current values of coupling constants and masses to high momentum transfers.


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  • K. T. Mahanthappa
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  • Marc A. Sher
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