Geographic Distribution and Reclassification of the Subfamily Ephemerellinae (Ephemeroptera: Ephemerellidae)

  • Richard K. Allen


The geographic distributions of the genera are included on maps and 9 latitudinal distributional zones are established, revising the system proposed by Allen and Brusca. The genera are included in 2 tribes, Ephemerellini and Hyrtanellini n. tribe, and Acerella, Attenella, Caudatella, Cincticostella, Crinitella, Dannella, Drunella, Ephemerella s.s., Eurylophella, Hyrtanella, Serratella, Teloganopsis, Timpanoga andTorleya are treated as genera. Drunella is composed of five subgenera: s.s., Eatonella Myllonella n. subgen., Tribrocohella n. subgen., and Unirhachella n. subgen.; Cincticostella of 3: s.s.,Rhionella n. subgen., and Vietnamella New Combination; andDannella of 2: s.s. and Dentatella n. subgen.


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