Elastic Properties and Valence-Force-Field Theory in Zero-Gap Semiconductors

  • Kenji Kumazaki


The valence-force-field theory has the advantage of the most phenomenological and economical description of the short-range valence-forces in the tetrahedrally coordinated crystals. This theory has been modified1 by taking account of the combined effects of Coulomb forces and internal strains. The regularities on the elastic constants of zero-gap semiconductors2 (β-HgS, HgSe and HgTe) are well explained by the Phillips ionicity as well as those of other zincblende (Zb) crystals.1 However, the application of this modified valence-force-field (MVFF) theory to the zero-gap semiconductors2 (ZGS) was not as satisfactory as in other Zb crystals.


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  • Kenji Kumazaki
    • 1
  1. 1.Hokkaido Institute of TechnologySapporoJapan

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