Subcellular Compartmentation and Biological Functions of Mercaptopyruvate Sulphurtransferase and Rhodanese

  • Aleksander Koj


According to present knowledge transfer of bivalent or sulphane sulphur from thiosulphate, thiocystine, 3-mercaptopyruvate and some other donors is catalyzed by at least three different enzymes: rhodanese /EC 2.8. 1.1/, thiosulphate reductase /no EC number/ and mercapto-pyruvate sulphurtransferase /EC /for references see Westley, 1973; Koj et al.,1975/. The mechanism of their action is not uniform: rhodanese operates by a double-displacement mechanism /cf. Westley, 1973/ mercaptopyruvate sulphurtransferase by a sequential reaction /Jarabak and Westley,1978/, while the mode of action of thiosulphate reductase is not elucidated.


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