Effect of Optical Potentials on Angular Correlation Parameters

  • D. H. Madison


Angular correlation parameters and differential cross sections are calculated in the distorted-wave approximation for 40–200-eV electron impact excitation of the 2′P state of helium. Initial- and final-channel distorted waves are calculated as eigenfunctions of a complex optical potential. The optical potential consists of a static Hartree-Fock atomic potential, a polarization potential term, an exchange distortion term, and an imaginary term representing electron absorption into other open channels. The appropriate inelastic scattering T matrix is obtained for non-Hermitian operators. Effects of polarization, exchange, and absorption are examined individually and collectively and the results are compared with experimental data.


Differential Cross Section Optical Potential Exchange Potential Distorted Wave Electron Impact Excitation 
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  1. 1.Drake UniversityDes MoinesUSA

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