New Observations on the Organization and Evolution of the Telencephalon of Actinopterygian Fishes

  • R. Glenn Northcutt
  • Mark R. BrafordJr.


The Osteichthyes comprise at least three groups of bony fishes which are generally believed to share a common ancestor: the Crossopterygii, the Dipnoi, and the Actinopterygii. The intergroup relationships have long been disputed by paleontologists, and there is no consensus at the present time. It is usually argued either that the Crossopterygii and the Dipnoi are more closely related to one another than either is to the Actinopterygii (Romer, 1966; Gardiner, 1973) or that the three have been distinct groups since their earliest appearance (Schaeffer, 1969; Miles in Moy-Thomas, 1971). Jarvik (1968), however, has favored a closer affinity between the Crossopterygii and the Actinopterygii than between either of these groups and the Dipnoi.


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