Maternofetal Nutrition

  • Aaron Lechtig
  • Hernan Delgado
  • Reynaldo Martorell
  • Charles Yarbrough
  • Robert E. Klein
Part of the Human Nutrition book series (HUNU, volume 2)


Growth is a dynamic process that depends on the adequate provision and utilization of nutrients. The human fetus is an adaptive organism and is able to synthesize its own carbohydrates, proteins, and fats from glucose, amino acids, and other blood-borne metabolites transferred from the mother via the placenta (Van Dyne et al., 1962; Page, 1969; Shelley, 1969). The total amount of each nutrient transferred will depend not only on the specific placental transport mechanisms and maternal blood level of each nutrient but also on the amount of placental blood flow and the surface area of the peripheral villi (Wigglesworth, 1964; Robertson et al., 1967; Aherne and Dunnill, 1966; Laga et al., 1972; Lechtig et al., 1975f).


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