What Can One Learn from Very Accurate Measurements of the Lepton Magnetic Moments?

  • Toichiro Kinoshita
Part of the Studies in the Natural Sciences book series (SNS, volume 14)


As you will hear this afternoon, there has been remarkable progress in the measurement of lepton magnetic moments in the last few years. I should like to discuss what can be learned about the fundamental forces of nature from these and forthcoming developments.


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    These experiments can also be used to test other theoretical predictions, e.g. the CPT Theorem. From (3) and (4) we obtain (gμ—gμ+)/gμ = 2.6 (1.7) ×10−8 which provides the most accurate test of the CPT Theorem applied to muons. To achieve similar accuracy for electrons, the result (2) for must be improved substantially. Note, however, that the work of S. I. Serednyakov et al. (Phys. Lett. 66B, 102 (1977) has established the equality of ae− and ae− to a very high accuracy: ∣ae—ae+∣/ae ≤ 1.0×10−5. This is equivalent to ∣ge− − ge+∣/ge ≤ 1.2×10−8 Google Scholar
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