Surgical Management of Post-Chemotherapy Residual Testis Tumor

  • Randall G. Rowland
  • Michael A. S. Jewett
Part of the Cancer Treatment and Research book series (CTAR, volume 19)


In considering the management of residual testis cancer after chemotherapy, one needs to review the previous modes of therapy of advanced testis cancer as well as review the changes in chemotherapy and staging procedures which have allowed the mode of therapy to evolve to its current day form increasing survival from 5–10% a decade ago to greater than 80% at this time. Each of these aspects will be considered in turn followed by current recommendations for workup of the patient and for evaluation of the patient after completion of chemotherapy. Also the preoperative preparations will be discussed along with intraoperative surgical considerations and postoperative management. The results of this combined treatment regimen will be considered as well as the complications of the treatment. Finally, an overall flow sheet of the management of patients with disseminated testis cancer will be presented. This flow sheet emphasizes the indications for surgery and its interrelationship with chemotherapy for advanced seminoma as well as non-seminomatous germ cell testis tumors.


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