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  • A. H. Calvert
  • S. J. Harland
  • K. R. Harrap
  • E. Wiltshaw
  • I. E. Smith
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Since its introduction in the early 1970’s cisplatin has become established as one of the major cytotoxic drugs used in the treatment of cancer. Of particular note are its application in combination therapy to the treatment of testicular cancer (1) and in the treatment of ovarian cancer (2). The majority of patients with testicular teratoma are probably cured of their disease. Cisplatin is probably the most active single agent in the treatment of ovarian cancer producing an overall response rate in excess of 50% and a complete response rate of 20–30% (2). In our hands a group of 27 patients treated with high dose cisplatin for stage III ovarian carcinoma and followed for a minimum of 3 years had an actuarial survival of 35% at 3 and 4 years (3).


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