Navy Automated Video Information System (NAVIS)

  • James L. Allison


NAVIS is an expanded version of the Automated Video Maintenance Information (AVMI) system under development and test by Douglas Aircraft Company, Product Support Division. It employs video disc technology to provide massive storage capacity, rapid random-access capability, digital/video compatability and an outstanding versatility to interface with other supportive equipments. Basic elements of the AVMI system are a video disc player, video discs, a portable video job aid (TV display), a hand-held, interactive control unit, and an information format based upon narrated demonstrations of tasks. This is a two-part presentation. First will be a videodisc presentation of the AVMI concept. This paper includes a copy of the script with appropriate editing to adapt it to hard copy format. Second will be the author’s “live” description of the CAD and satellite transmission features that will expand the AVMI to meet Navy en route repair requirements.


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