Applying Optical Mass Memory to the Storage of Engineering Drawings and Data

  • Ronald F. Price


A variety of methods for data storage and retrieval are in use today. These methods include storage on magnetic media such as disks or tapes, storage on microform such as microfilm, fiche and aperture cards, and finally, storage on optical media including optical disks and slides.

Most storage and retreival devices in use today are based on either magnetic or microform technology. However, due to the short life span of data stored on magnetic media and the cost associated with converting data to microforms, a gradual shift toward optical memory devices is desirable for the future.

OMEX will describe historical developments in optical memory technology which have led up to recent breakthroughs by leading manufacturers of storage and retrieval systems.

The presentation will include a discussion on how various optical memory architectures work, as well as a price/performance comparison of optical media with magnetic and microform media. Finally, a discussion regarding the range of optical memory products available will be included.


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