Leaky modes

  • Allan W. Snyder
  • John D. Love


In Chapters 21 to 23 we were mainly concerned with the total power radiated by sources and fiber nonuniformities, rather than the distribution of radiation throughout the fiber. This distribution describes the spatial transient between the source of excitation of the radiation fields and the spatial steady state further along the fiber, where essentially only bound modes propagate. The spatial transient and the spatial steady state were discussed in Section 8-1, and for a source on the endface, the situation is depicted schematically in Fig. 8-1. Within the region of the spatial transient, both bound modes and the radiation fields are necessary to fully describe light propagation. The duration of the spatial transient depends on the degree to which the fiber retains radiation from the source prior to its eventual escape, or leakage, from the core. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce a class of modes, called leaky modes, to describe the portion of the radiation field which travels comparatively long distances along and close to the fiber axis.


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