Circular fibers

  • Allan W. Snyder
  • John D. Love


We showed in the previous chapter how the modes of weakly guiding waveguides are constructed from solutions of the scalar wave equation. Here we consider fibers of circular cross-section and solve the scalar wave equation analytically for specific refractive-index profiles with axial symmetry. We pay particular attention to single-mode fibers and to the properties of the fundamental HE11 modes. One important observation for a general class of single-mode fibers with a power-law variation in core profile and a uniform cladding is that both the distribution of fundamental-mode power over the cross-section, and the maximum value of the fiber parameter V for single-mode operation depend primarily on the profile ‘volume’ and are relatively insensitive to profile shape. This volume is proportional to the integral over the core cross-section of the excess of the profile above its cladding value. Conversely, pulse dispersion on single-mode fibers depends principally on profile shape and is comparatively insensitive to the profile volume.


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