Sucrose-Isomaltose Malabsorption

  • E. Gudman-Høyer
  • P. A. Krasilnikoff
  • H. Skovbjerg
Part of the Advances in Nutritional Research book series (ASIB, volume 110)


In the beginning of this century diarrhea occurring in some children and adults was shown to be provoked, apparently, by carbohydrates in the food (Schmidt and Strasburger, 1901; Jacobi, 1901; Howland, 1921; Hurst and Knott, 1931). Fermentative dyspepsia, fermentative diarrhea, starch intolerance, intestinal carbohydrate dyspepsia, and intolerance of carbohydrate are terms which have been used to describe these conditions.


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