Integral-differential Relationships in Thermal Analysis

  • John P. Elder


Recent investigations of the pyrolysis of bituminous coals1 have shown that the TG/DTG data characterizing the overall complex thermal degradation obeys the well-known Kissinger equation2. The resulting global kinetic parameters are very close in magnitude to those given by other investigators for similar coals, using a statistical approach to the analysis of thermogravimetric data. The Kissinger equation has been used empirically by other workers in the fossil fuel field3. Is the Kissinger equation generally applicable to thermal reactions, irrespective of the form of the mathematical relationship used to describe the kinetic model? This paper is the author’s answer to this question. The caveats of Garn4, regarding the use of the Arrhenius kinetic equation, incorporating analytical degree of reaction functions encompassed by the Sestak-Berggren general equation5 in solid state reactions, are well taken, and should be borne in mind by all interested parties.


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