Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma : Early Detection and IGA-Related Pre-NPC Condition.Achievements and Prospectives

  • Yi Zeng
  • Guy de The
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Undifferentiated carcinomas of the nasopharynx (or NPC) represent a major cancer killer for more than 200 million people in South China, as well as in large areas of the South East Asia, North and East Africa and in Eskimo populations. This cancer is closely associated with the ubiquitous Epstein Barr herpes virus. In contrast with the situation observed in Burkitt’s Lymphoma, the association between EBV and NPC is constant in every part of the world where NPC is observed, and unrelated to its level of incidence. Such an association, most probably causative in nature, has recently been reviewed (de-Thé, 1982,1984).


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