Development of Plasmids and Cloning Procedures

  • Rudolf Eichenlaub
Part of the Developments in Molecular Virology book series (DMVI, volume 5)


The investigation of the F factor of Escherichia coli is chosen as an example for the recent developments in the field of plasmid research. F-derived mini-plasmids were constructed and their properties with respect to replication and copy number control were studied, applying numerous experimental approaches including electron microscopy, mutagenesis, cloning of subfragments, expression of gene products and DNA sequencing. Thus, insights into the mechanism of replication, copy number control and partitioning were achieved which finally allowed construction of special purpose cloning vectors based on plasmid F.


Plasmid Mutant BamHI Fragment Replicative Intermediate High Copy Number Plasmid Plasmid Genome 
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