5B Industry Applications: Automating Manufacturing Information

  • Roger W. Bolz


In today’s worldwide struggle for higher productivity, it is more vital than ever to balance inventory investment, customer service, and manufacturing costs. Production operations need predictable runs. Marketing plans call for increased flexibility to meet the needs of a more demanding marketplace, as well as existing production schedules. And, while stockpiles of inventory can ensure prompt delivery, purchasing struggles with constantly changing costs and lead times. An automated data system that can monitor and improve productivity and competitiveness, all at the same time, MAS is a total manufacturing management strategy made up of six modular systems that addresses the most critical areas: master production scheduling, inventory control, manufacturing control, purchasing, cost control, and engineering control. With MAS it is possible to define and communicate “when, how much, and what” is required to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing manufacturing environment. A “closed-loop” system of manufacturing control, MAS bridges the gaps that plague production plans most, because comprehensive feedback allows updating of schedules with data reported from the manufacturing floor.


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