Printers, Plotters, and Graphics

  • Herman Holtz


A work station may or may not include a printer or a plotter in its own configuration, but almost surely there must be a printer somewhere in the system, for it would be a rare system that did not require printing out some of its products. And if the applications include the printing out of graphics to any significant extent, there is a high degree of probability that a plotter will be required to get truly satisfactory results. But like the components, functions, and characteristics discussed in the prior chapter, there is such a diversity of factors to be considered as to make this a fairly complex area of concern. However, if there is a single major characteristic that distinguishes printers and plotters from most other computer-system components it is this: printers and plotters are essentially mechanical devices, despite their electrical and electronic refinements, whereas most other components are essentially electronic, even if they have some mechanical components.


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