Collision-Induced Effects in Planetary Atmospheres

  • R. H. Tipping
Part of the NATO ASI series book series (volume 127)


The manifestations of collision-induced effects in planetary atmospheres will be surveyed from both the experimental and theoretical perspectives. By considering the composition, pressure, and temperature profiles for the atmospheres of the Earth, Titan, Venus, and the Giant Planets, one can infer the major sources of collision-induced opacities. The status of the laboratory-based studies for the relevant collision induced absorption are reviewed and several desirable experiments are proposed. Recent theoretical refinements (e. g., higher multipolar induction mechanisms, line shapes, interference effects, etc.) that are important for the analysis of the laboratory data and for the generation of synthetic spectra will be discussed. Finally, a few examples of the effects of collision-induced absorption as calculated through simple atmospheric models will be presented.


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