Antibody Responses to T-Dependent Antigens: Contributions of Dendritic Cells and Helper T Lymphocytes

  • Kayo Inaba
  • Ralph M. Steinman


The standard system for the study of antigen-specific, thymus dependent, antibody responses utilizes mouse spleen. B and T lymphocytes (Sephadex G10 nonadherent spleen) are cultured with accessory cells (plastic adherent spleen) and antigen (red cells or TNP/DNP-KLH) for 4-5 days to generate specific IgM PFC. The accessory cells likely induce functioning helper T cells, and the latter cooperate with B lymphocytes during antibody formation.


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dendritic cell


plaque forming cell


keyhole limpet hemocyanin


mixed leukocyte reaction


major histocompatibility complex




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  • Ralph M. Steinman
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