Mechanisms of Action of Absorbable Hypolipidemic Drugs

  • Cesare R. Sirtori


Absorbable hypolipidemic agents, mostly of the aryloxyacetic acid type, are still used most widely in the general clinical treatment of hyperlipidemia. These compounds will be, therefore, the major object of this presentation. Current hypotheses on the mode of action of these drugs will be analyzed in detail and, moreover, specific problems pertaining to their use will be discussed; among these peroxisomal proliferation, reporting new findings suggestive of specific structural features most and least likely to induce this effect. Finally, aiming to the specific interest of pharmacologists working in this area, the scope and validity of new experimental methodologies, e.g., activation of lipoprotein receptors and changes in high density lipoprotein (HDL) levels, will be examined.


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